Computed Tomography Laboratory

X-ray computed tomography laboratory

rtgWe have the highest generation dental and diagnostic equipment, a surgical room, modern equipment for digital radiography (X-ray images), which allows for a significant reduction in the dose of radiation. With the patients’ comfort in mind, at the abcDENT Center, we make digital point and panoramic photos. Our Center also offers the possibility of performing computed tomography of maxillary bones.

We form a team of specialists in all fields of dentistry, certified dental hygienists and X-ray technicians, constantly improving their competences and professional qualifications. The quality and satisfaction of our patients are our priority.


Wroclawska 8 St.
30-006 Cracow


+48 12 632 97 46
+48 668 37 48 74


X-ray diagnostics and computed tomography laboratory

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 9:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday - selected procedures by appointment in advance