Price list

Price List

Successful dental treatment that will satisfy the patient and the doctor is often a multi-stage process, difficult for an immediate and unambiguous valuation before the first consultation.

In order to plan the appropriate therapy, select the best means and materials, and then achieve full therapeutic success, the doctor must have an individual conversation with each patient. During the examination, it is necessary to find out about the general health of the patient, expectations regarding the results of treatment, as well as perform an examination and analysis of X-ray images.

However, an emergency is often encountered, related to unpleasant pain or patients referred by other doctors to our unit. In such cases, when a patient comes up with a specific problem, we perform a specific procedure in one visit.

In both cases, the costs of treatment are clear and unambiguous, known to you prior to treatment.

For your convenience, we present an exemplary shortened price list of frequently performed treatments. The full price list of services is available in our center. 

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We encourage you to contact one of our Receptionists for more information - +48 12 632 97 46 or +48 668 37 48 74.

In case of doubt, full information can be obtained during a visit to one of our doctors - dentists.

In the case of multi-stage treatment, consisting of many consecutive treatments, we prepare a treatment plan in written form with a estimate cost. As a result, patient is familiar with the exact treatment process.

Payment methods:
Cash, credit card.

Basic dentistry

Light-cured filling in a permanent tooth:


185 zł


285 zł


290 zł

Light-cured filling in a milk tooth

120 zł


775 zł

Composite veneer

750 zł

All-ceramic veneer

1800 zł

Tray whitening

800 zł

Whitening with the Beyond lamp

900 zł

Endodontics (canal treatment); endodontics using a microscope

Primary treatment:

Incisors and canines

300 - 450 zł

Premolar teeth

500 - 700 zł

Molar teeth

750 - 950zł

Pulp extirpation

180 zł

visit in case of pain

Removal of the broken tool from the root canal

300 - 350 zł

Closing the perforation with MTA material



Metal crown veneered with porcelain

1050 zł

or a point in a bridge

All-ceramic crown

1550 zł

or a point in a bridge

Skeletal prosthesis

2450 zł


Certified Nobel Biocare implant

3500 zł

Bone reconstruction with biomaterial

1500 zł

+ cost of bone substitute material

Sinus lift using biomaterials

1500 zł

+ cost of bone substitute material

Implant prosthetics

Porcelain crown on a metal foundation on an implant

1050 zł

All-ceramic crown (zirconium) on the implant

1550 zł

Ultimate connector

1100 -1500 zł


Orthodontic treatment with the Invisilign system

16 000 zł


Periodontal examination

100 zł

Supragingival scaling

250 zł

Deep scaling

from 250 zł

Open curettage

form 790 zł

Closed curettage

250 zł

(per one jaw arch)

Treat diseases and lesions on the mucosa

100 zł

(following visits 50 zł)

Extending the clinical crown of the tooth

390 zł


Spot x-ray

25 zł

Panoramic X-ray

85 zł

3D tomography of the maxilla and mandible

200 zł

3D micro tomography

65 zł


Infiltration anesthesia

45 zł

Conduction anesthesia

55 zł

Anesthesia The Wand

75 zł


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