Inter-office cooperation

We offer cooperation in the field of primary and secondary treatment and treatment complications in:

  • implantology and implant prosthetics. We work on the following systems: Nobel Biocare; Alpha Bio; Camlog; Dentsply; Biomet 3i; Q- Implant;
  • dental surgery (cysts, resections, mucosal changes, soft tissue plasty);
  • tooth extractions (left roots, oro-sinus connections, impacted teeth);
  • primary and secondary microscopic endodontics;
  • prosthetics;
  • Invisilign orthodontic treatment.

Cooperation on transparent terms. The model of our proposed cooperation assumes:

  • Printing and filling out a short form (download here) and referring the Patient to our facility. Please briefly describe the problem and the course of treatment to date, as well as the desired scope of the activities ordered to us. If they were performed, please attach additional tests (radiological and other).
  • The patient goes to AbcDent, where we consult and treat the patient ONLY to the extent indicated on the referral.
  • After the procedure, the patient returns to your office with a description and radiological tests performed on a digital carrier.

In case of doubt, at every stage of cooperation, we are available by phone: +48 668 37 48 74 or +48 12 632 97 46.


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+48 12 632 97 46
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